PennAppsX Hack: FitFactor

Featured by MedCityNews and ChallengePost in their PennApps wrap up

At PennAppsX, my team and I focused on building a hack that would promote healthy habits through your everyday computing

Everyone wants to improve their quality of life through better health habits, but it’s a hard thing to do when you’re busy coding and working on your computer all day. It means forming good exercise habits and having good posture. It can be hard to remember, however – so that’s why we’re making it an integral part of your routine with FitFactor. It’s two factor authentication unlocked by healthy habits.


Before you visit your favorite websites, be it Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit or whatever you add to your block list, you’ll need to reach your daily fitness goals. This means logging your goal number of steps, and sitting up straight when you’re at your computer. If you don’t, you’ll be reminded with a block page from the FitFactor Chrome extension.


We use Android Wear to track your steps, and a FitFactor Android app where you can monitor your progress and pick one of your Facebook friends as an accountability partner. If you fail to meet your goals, your friend can unlock your browser session – but you’ll be accountable to them.

We used an Intel Edison with a proximity sensor to approximate your posture and encourage you to maintain a good seating position while you’re at your computer.



  • Parse backend
  • Integrated Facebook login
  • Intel Edison board with sonar proximity sensor
  • Chrome extension + Chrome packaged app utilizing serial API to communicate with Intel Edison
  • Android phone app and Android Wear app using Android Sensor APIs to record step count


The source for Android (both the phone app and Android Wear app) is available on GitHub.


Demo Video

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